My process of creating is mostly physical therefor the creation process is mostly unplanned. I intuitively sculpt and assemble parts often bearing a physical resemblance to a prosthesis or an amputee. The idea of taking something out of its original context and assigning it to a new habitat is a recurring concept in my work. This makes sense as my work explores the body as it passes through systems – cultural, mental, and symbolic, and how that imprints various meanings at the time of the specific work. My studio practice is based on testing and experiencing the chosen materials, often harder materials such as plaster, metals, concrete, are used alongside more organic materials such as wood, flowers, coffee, cheese.  

Born in South Africa 1992

Lives and Works in Israel

Currently studying my MFA at Bezalel Fine art department.

2015-2019 Received my BFA at Shenkar college of Engineering, Design and Art .


2018- Group Exhibition Lior Zieve , Shenkar, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2019 BFA show “Both My Fucking Parents Didn’t Finish High School”, Shenkar, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2019 Portfolio Magazine exhibition “יוצאים לאור”, Jaffa passages, Israel

Prizes and scholarships
2018 1st Prize. Lior Zieve Award

2019 Margaret and Sylvan Adams Award for Outstanding Graduate

2019-20 America Israel Cultural Foundation